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Your limiting mindset is...
People Pleasing

Supporting others is your calling in life. You seem to give endlessly, but sometimes you’re left feeling stretched a bit thin, and maybe even unappreciated.


It can be jarring and upsetting for someone who loves to love others when your offerings aren’t appreciated. Resentment can sneak up on you and have you feeling irritable or, worse, lead to burnout!


Believe or not, resentment is a signal that you need some self-care.


When your love and support are turned outward and leave you drained and angry, it’s time to look at your own worth and how you can align yourself to get what you want, and what you truly deserve.


You see, as a loving, supportive person, it’s easy for others to take advantage of your generous heart.


But why does that mean you so often have to come in last?


Are you guilty of being a chronic people pleaser?


Let’s tick some boxes!

If you:


☑️ Know that having low self-worth is a problem.

☑️ Have a seriously hard time saying ‘no’

☑️ Are always the first to volunteer, even if you’re too busy

☑️ Struggle to make good decisions for yourself

☑️ Know you deserve better but still have uncertainty

☑️ Sometimes interpret feedback as criticism

☑️ Feel like you can’t do anything right

☑️ Get burned out and overwhelmed easily

☑️Want to identify the barriers to regaining your own self worth


If you tick a few of those boxes, chances are good you could use some me time and some practice learning to say “NO”.


“When you say yes to others, make sure you aren’t saying no to yourself.” — Paulo Coehlo


Let's Get to Know You...

Woman on her Tablet

Coaching is an often misunderstood practice, and while it involves talking about feelings, it’s more about taking a closer look inside yourself to see what makes you tick.


Don’t you want to learn more about why you do what you do? And how to address some of the ways you unknowingly sabotage yourself?


Other than learning to TRUST, let’s take a look at some of the foundations of coaching.



The key to a happy life isn’t abundance and never-ending chill days; it’s all about balance.


The grind of day-to-day life can become a repetitive, life-sucking rut if you aren’t careful to create healthy boundaries between work, play, and the everyday.


With the help of a coach, you can delve deep into where your imbalances come in life and how to make changes to restore a much-needed life balance.


 <<< Check out our online and in-person workshops and programs. >>>


It’s easy to wander through life without much direction, reacting to the world instead of purposely creating a life.


This can lead to a feeling of not being seen or heard and always feeling like you just fit in instead of actually belonging.


Finding the right friends or jobs to fulfill and challenge you into new growth can be tricky when you don't know yourself very well.


Self-Awareness is a core focus of any coaching journey. Check out our 6-Week Online 'Best Self' Program to learn more about yourself and how you can align your life with who you truly are.


It can be very difficult to establish and maintain boundaries that are meant to protect your peace when you’re constantly putting others before yourself.


It isn’t bad to want to help others, but when your selflessness becomes a complete loss, it’s time to work on your own core values and boundaries.


Learn how to show up as an advocate for yourself, so you can give your loved ones empowered, resounding ‘yes’s and firm, healthy ‘no’s without feeling guilty or selfish.


Again, awareness is EVERYTHING...

Hi there, friend. I’m Erika Baum, Denver, Colorado's Life Coach, and Non-Violent Communication (NVC) educator. 


I see a common theme sabotaging my clients' personal growth. Limiting beliefs stand between them and the life they dreamed of.


It’s my mission to eradicate toxic mindsets one self-actualizer at a time.


Modern coaching is designed to create self-awareness so you can better understand yourself and to give you tools to manage better some of the areas in your life where you’ve struggled in the past.

Check out my upcoming programs, workshops, and 1:1 coaching options by clicking the button below!

Questions? Email me.
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