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Your limiting mindset is...
Imposter Syndrome

You’re the unanimously voted Life of the Party, always ready to entertain and eager for the next challenge or new thing.


When it comes to hidden talents, you have an embarrassment of riches, but having so many things come easily can be a disadvantage all by itself.


Being a gifted Jack of All Trades can leave you adrift, wondering what your real passion and purpose in life is.


For someone with such a seemingly strong sense of self, you can sometimes struggle with feeling out of place, which can all be tied back to self-worth. Or lack thereof.


The real challenge for you is choosing the right life for you, instead of striving to fit into roles that don’t align with your soul.


How do you know if you’re living your true purpose?


Tick some boxes with me.

Do you:


☑️ Avoid sitting still or idle?

☑️ Feel too overwhelmed by your past choices to learn from them, so you try to ignore them?

☑️ Want to find peace and contentment, but panic sets in every time you’re almost there?

☑️ Think vulnerability seems like a nice thing... for other people?

☑️ Focus on your career, relationships, and success, instead of yourself?

☑️ Don’t trust yourself to learn from your mistakes?

☑️ Burn out easily and need lots of recovery time?


It’s ok, we all struggle with self-awareness sometimes, so if you don’t check any boxes, go back and try again, but be honest with yourself this time.


“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” — Ralph Ellison


Let's Get to Know You...

Woman on her Tablet

Coaching is an often misunderstood practice, and while it involves talking about feelings, it’s more about taking a closer look inside yourself to see what makes you tick.


Don’t you want to learn more about why you do what you do? And how to address some of the ways you unknowingly sabotage yourself?


Other than learning to TRUST, let’s take a look at some of the foundations of coaching.



The key to a happy life isn’t abundance and never-ending chill days; it’s all about balance.


The grind of day-to-day life can become a repetitive, life-sucking rut if you aren’t careful to create healthy boundaries between work, play, and the everyday.


With the help of a coach, you can delve deep into where your imbalances come in life and how to make changes to restore a much-needed life balance.


 <<< Check out our online and in-person workshops and programs. >>>


It’s easy to wander through life without much direction, reacting to the world instead of purposely creating a life.


This can lead to a feeling of not being seen or heard and always feeling like you just fit in instead of actually belonging.


Finding the right friends or jobs to fulfill and challenge you into new growth can be tricky when you don't know yourself very well.


Self-Awareness is a core focus of any coaching journey. Check out our 6-Week Online 'Best Self' Program to learn more about yourself and how you can align your life with who you truly are.


It can be very difficult to establish and maintain boundaries that are meant to protect your peace when you’re constantly putting others before yourself.


It isn’t bad to want to help others, but when your selflessness becomes a complete loss, it’s time to work on your own core values and boundaries.


Learn how to show up as an advocate for yourself, so you can give your loved ones empowered, resounding ‘yes’s and firm, healthy ‘no’s without feeling guilty or selfish.


Again, awareness is EVERYTHING...

Hi there, friend. I’m Erika Baum, Denver, Colorado's Life Coach, and Non-Violent Communication (NVC) educator. 


I see a common theme sabotaging my clients' personal growth. Limiting beliefs stand between them and the life they dreamed of.


It’s my mission to eradicate toxic mindsets one self-actualizer at a time.


Modern coaching is designed to create self-awareness so you can better understand yourself and to give you tools to manage better some of the areas in your life where you’ve struggled in the past.

Check out my upcoming programs, workshops, and 1:1 coaching options by clicking the button below!

Questions? Email me.
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