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The Ego

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

-Eleanor Roosevelt defines it as:

e·go /ˈēɡō/

noun noun: ego; plural noun: egos

a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

What is the purpose of the ego?

I like to think of the ego as this overprotective bodyguard who ends up making awkward situations due to his misinterpretation of potential threats, even when there are none. The ego is trying to protect us, and it has its own needs it is trying to meet. And, primarily, the need of the ego is acceptance.

Instead of fighting or minimizing our ego, what if we showed the ego empathy? Our ego is serving us the best way it knows how. And, for many of us, there have been times in life that our ego has helped us get through some challenging situations.

Empathize with the ego when it starts to kick-in to high mode. It needs it!

My ego.

I have been trying to pay more attention to my ego's role in my interactions with others and the self-talk within. For example, when I feel insecure about being accepted by someone else, I can start getting a bit "braggy." My husband points this out to me and tells me how embarrassed he feels when he sees me do this. I tend to shrug it off, but inside, I know that my ego was getting worried and decided to step in and help me the only way it knows how. So instead of being mad at my ego for getting in the way of my authentic self and my ability to show my true self, I give it a little empathy.

I notice when I am starting to feel insecure about being accepted by someone else, I can start getting a bit "braggy".

How to empathize with the ego.

Hi there, Ego,

Are you feeling concerned because you want me to be accepted by others?

Are you feeling edgy because you desire that I am part of this community?

Are you feeling worried because you value my belonging?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please share below in the comments.


Erika Baum

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