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Interrupting Skills

We explored interrupting skills in my NVC Trainer Development course and I've been thinking about it a lot. I created this self-reflection worksheet based on the one we used in the course.

interrupting skills
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So how could I handle a situation when someone is talking too much or not letting me have an opportunity for input?

Connect internally to hold everyone's needs with care.

  • my own for staying in the conversation. (ex. acceptance, belonging, ease)

  • the ones I am holding for the speaker by staying in the conversation. (ex. care, consideration, compassion)

  • my own I might meet by interrupting. (ex. authenticity, ease, respect, connection, clarity, self-expression, mutuality, inclusion, efficiency)

  • the ones I hold for the other I might meet by interrupting. (ex, respect, care, support, presence)

Phrasing if I decide to interrupt:

  • Self-Expression Need: "Hang on, I'd like to share something before it slips away."

  • Efficiency Need: "Name, I'm struggling to stay with you on this, would you be willing to give me a couple of key points you would like me to understand?"

  • Clarity, Ease, Space Need: "Name, could you hold on a sec? I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and would like to reflect back on what I think I have heard."

  • Participation, Contribution, Self-Expression Need: "Oh, could you hold on just a moment? I am feeling excited and would like to share some of my thoughts with you."

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please share below in the comments!


Erika Baum

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