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5 Ways You May Turn Your Date Off

If you are going on dates and the other person is not interested in you, you may be doing one or more of these 5 turnoffs.

Bring your best self to your next date by being aware of these 5 massive turnoffs.

1) Not Thanking Your Date

You may not be getting another callback if you are going on dates and NOT thanking your date. People are attracted to grateful and polite people. If your date pays for your meal, makes a reservation at a restaurant, picks you up, opens your door, or even simply shows up, make sure you thank them!

  • "Thank you so much for taking the time to meet up for coffee today!"

  • "Thank you for that wonderful meal."

  • "Thank you for picking me up."

2) Having a Negative Life Outlook

Hey there, are you a negative Nancy? Do you walk into a room like a black cloud raining on a rainbow? This is a MAJOR turnoff to a prospective partner. Keep your dates fun and positive. If you naturally veer toward negativity, try doing these 4 things before your next date to raise your vibe:

  • Do a 5-minute loving-kindness meditation (try this one.)

  • Dance like no one is watching to a fun song!

  • Go to the gym and do a hard workout. This gets your endorphins going.

  • Stop consuming so much of the news. The news reports all the atrocities of the world. Junk into your mind, junk out of your mouth.

3) Being Late

Showing up late to a date is a sign of disrespect for your date's time. The first step towards improving your timeliness is to become self-aware that it is an issue. Sit down and go over your history and patterns.

  • Are you late for everything or just some things?

  • How do you feel when you’re late?

  • What causes you to run behind?

4) Interrupting Them

Interrupting essentially tells the other person, "I don't care what you have to say." I have struggled with this one as well. If you struggle with interrupting others, you can retrain yourself to stop this habit. I recommend you read this article for helpful tips.

5) Talking Too Much About Yourself

Have you ever been on a date when the other person only asked a few questions about you? How did that feel? It doesn't feel great for most of us.

Make sure you are showing up to the date with curiosity and a desire to know the other person. If you struggle with this one, pretend you are writing a biography about this person; your job is to know and understand them. Just make sure you don't go so far as to interrogate them.

Do you have any others to add? Comment below!

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Erika Baum

Relationship Coach

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