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4 Unexpected Places to Meet a Partner this Christmas

Move over February, December is the real month of love. The cheesy and predictable love movies arrive at the top of our Netflix list, and the Hallmark channel plays them on repeat. The desire for a fairy-tale Christmas love story sweeps over us as we get caught up in the season. Although I don't believe in fairy-tale love, December could be an excellent time to meet a partner.

Here are some unexpected places you could meet a partner this season:


More people volunteer during the holiday season than at any other time. This makes it a great time to get out there and help the less fortunate, expand your network, and maybe even meet a quality mate.

Remember, as a single person, it is essential to expand your network continually. You never know who will be the connection that will introduce you to your forever person.

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets pop up in cities across the country. This is a great time to grab a hot-tottie or cider, hang with some friends, and maybe chat up a cutie you see. For those looking for an opposite-sex partner, I recommend bringing a same-sex buddy with you to the market, as your love interest may be weary if you are there solo. Bringing an opposite-sex buddy may look like you are already on a date.

Tip: If you see someone you are interested in, strike up a casual conversation about something you both are experiencing. Examples: " is really cold today, huh?" "Isn't this weather beautiful!?" "I love the ornaments at this booth...I bought one last year for my mom."

Dog Parks

When I was single, I met a lot of guys at the dog park. It is a great place to meet other people as you watch your dogs play. And, you already have one thing in common, you both have a dog, so you have an opening conversation line, "Your dog is beautiful. What breed is he/she?" or "Your dog looks so full of life. How old is he/she?"

Holiday Parties

The larger your network, the more quality opportunities you will have to meet a compatible mate. Having many friends and taking those invites to holiday parties could be great ways to meet mates someone else can vouch for.

What other ideas do you have? Comment below!

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